About Us

Who is Green Tree Lady?

"If 'necessity is the mother of invention', then Green Tree Lady was born of necessity," says Linda Heyse-Highland, founder & co owner of LinJen Promotions, Inc.

The Green Movement, increases in fraud and the need for corporate cost savings -- Green Tree Lady is a campaign that was designed to address these issues. The plan is to encourage on-line statements and bill pay and have companies reward their clients with a tree planted in their name for signing up.

We're thrilled to receive such great initial reaction to our campaign. Being a turn key program, our customers are happy that all of the work has been done for them. They get a branded website with reporting, personalized certificates for their customers, statement stuffers, signage, employee training aides, customer handouts, planted trees and more.

The Green Tree Lady is LinJen's campaign for a "greener" today ... and "Green" in every sense of the word - ecologically and monetarily. We are excited to offer this solution when not only our economy but our earth needs it as well.

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