Welcome to Green Tree Lady!

Green Tree Lady is a campaign to reduce waste, save dollars, reduce the losses from fraud and assist in tree reforestation.

The need to be "green" and to reduce are goals of most companies today. Green Tree Lady offers a business solution that connects the "green" effort to cost reductions.

How does this work?

Companies who can e-bill or do e-statements for their clients can secure an incentive program to increase customer sign ups. Green Tree Lady uses Seed-the-Future to promote participation. When a client signs up for e-statements or electronic bill pay, a tree will be planted in their name. Trees will be planted in one of the provided global reforestation projects of their choice. Click here for details.

After signing up for the new e-service, the client will be directed to your branded website and given a code and password to redeem their tree. (Call for demo reward code and learn how this site could be branded for you.) Reforestation is going on in numerous global locations. The client reads about the current projects and selects one. They next enter their own name. A colorful certificate is then available for printing, personalized with their name, branded with your company name and showing the project they selected for the tree planting. Also available is a free one-year subscription of  "Just Cause", an e-magazine about environmental concerns.

Green Tree Lady is a complete turn key program.

What's provided:

  1. A beautiful, website branded with your logo with interactive "green" activities and "green" initiatives that can be adopted at work, home, etc.
  2. A personalized, branded certificate downloadable with sign ups.
  3. Reforestation trees
  4. Selected visuals to support the campaign.
  5. Training aides & communication devises for employees.
  6. Statement stuffers.
  7. Assistance with pre program ROI analysis.
  8. Program reporting including: client name and their choice of location for tree planting.
  9. A one-year subscription to "Just Cause" magazine ... an e-magazine about environmental concerns.
  10. OPTIONAL: "Green" t-shirts for product launch
  11. OPTIONAL: Customer given a live tree to plant for a local and tangible touch

The Green Tree Lady Campaign is a money saving ecological solution that also assists in reducing fraud losses.